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About Our Clinic

You wont waste time laying on hot packs at our clinic, or performing exercises you could do on your own. You wont be handed off to an assistant or technician. You will receive one one-on-one treatment by a Doctor who's fully motivated to get you back to your daily activities and lifestyle without limitations. Your care will never be influenced by an insurance company's price, and we will never tell you to just rest and take the pain meds your other doctor gave you. At PhysioCare Spine & Sport, you get the full attention of our licensed doctor focused on one thing: getting you back to the activities and lifestyle you deserve, without pain or limitations.

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About Dr. Jesse

Dr. Jesse Polanco is the owner of PhysioCare Spine & Sport. After graduating from the university at Buffalo with his doctorate, he worked at various outpatient orthopedic clinics along the east coast. During these years he spent much of his free time competing in Powerlifting and traveling the country learning the most modern orthopedic diagnostics & treatments, to help patients get back to the lifestyle they deserve without the use pain meds, injections, or surgery.

Dr. Jesse Specializes in the treatment of orthopedic conditions using his thorough and time efficient approach. This approach was developed while traveling the country and collaborating with the brightest minds in orthopedics. He finds that many patients who come to him have had previous treatment elsewhere without successful results, most often due to a misdiagnosis. He believes the most efficient way to save a patient both time & money is to first obtain an accurate diagnosis, although with the time constraints of the healthcare system this can be difficult for many other clinicians.


He has found the most often missing component is simply taking the time to listen to the patient and learning their full history. Then coupling this information with diagnostic techniques to firmly pinpoint the diagnosis. Followed by implementing specific techniques to accurately help the patient get back to living their active and pain-free lifestyle.

Basically, Dr. Jesse will help you get back to living life free from the curse of chronic Pain and Help you Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals

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